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Iwan Irawan Hadianto
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Hallo, my name is Iwan Irawan Hadianto. My nick name is Iwan. It is a weird name for 'bule', 'bule' is a nickname for all white people (Caucasian), so do not angry with me... Russian and Eastern European have some similar name for Iwan. They have Ivan or Ivanovitch for men, and Ivana for women (I think). American, Western European, and Australian I do not know, but may be you can send any name similar to it to my home.

But in some countries there are some people wearing 'Iwan' (or similar name) as their nicknames. In Indonesia, Iwan is a very popular nickname. As you know by now, there are more than 300 tribes in Indonesia spreaded on more than 13,000 islands. The biggest one : Javanesse, which lives spreaded on almost all islands in Indonesia, has Iwan as a very popular name. You can mistaken by somebody else if you only noted Iwan as a nickname without additional description like family name, address, or physical description... The second biggest tribe : Minangkabau (or Padang) peoples have Irwan as their popular nickname. It can be opposed to Iwan. I can not noted on other nicknames similar to Iwan.

After discussing my name, let me introduce myself. I lived in Bekasi, a suburb area eastern Jakarta. Jakarta is a capital city. It is surounding by 3 suburban area: Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi. Administratively they are splitted each other, but physically their citizens are connected each other. Most of Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi citizens are commuters who lived at Jakarta's suburban area and work at Jakarta.

Jakarta as I tell you before is an Indonesia's capital city. May be you are not familiar with Indonesia. If you have been to Bali before, Bali is one of Indonesia's island and the most popular tourism target. Most of foreigners have been to Bali but they still do not know that Bali is a part of Indonesia, not vice versa. Some Americans that I asked are very confious if I asked them about Indonesia. That is strange right ??

I lived at Bekasi, Eastern Jakarta, and I work at Daan Mogot st. at West Jakarta. Everyday I do 'cross country' about 33 kilometers to go to my office. I work at PT. Satelit Palapa Indonesia the Indonesia's first private satellite operator company. Please visit its homepage to see what we are doing today.

I was graduated at January 1993 from Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Indonesia. It is located at Depok, a part of Bogor district. My major was computer. But now I work as a spacecraft engineer at my office. My duty is to check all our satellites parameters. My company has 2 (two) satellite. They named as Palapa-C generation satellite. They were built by Hughes Communications Inc. a wellknown satellite manufacturer. We name our satellite with Palapa. To see why we name like that please visit my company's homepage and look for satellite division activity.

If you are a professional of electrical engineer or satellite system engineer, please leave your name and email address so I can contact you in the future. I hope we can discuss on how to increase our professional activity and take a benefit among us. Please leave it to Thank you for reading a small description of mine.
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